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We provide a true professional carpet cleaning service for the Gold Coast area, carrying on board advance spot and stain removals capable of tackling heavily soiled carpets.

If you are seeking a carpet cleaner with realistic prices that is fully qualified, insured and offer guaranteed results every time please call our Gold Coast company today.

Stains in Carpets

Some stains in carpets can easily be removed whilst other are more stubborn, especially when the stain has already completely dried out and contain a colour pigment. These pigments can easily dye the carpet and permanently set into the carpet fibres and become impossible to remove. For best results ensure that your carpets are cleaned immediately or as soon as possible after the stain occurs.

Ultimate Fibre Protectors

If your carpet is in good or better condition you may be interested in protecting it from future stains by adding stain guard protection. We use a superior product that prevents staining of the carpet or upholstery by blocking open dye sites. This also allows the carpet to clean up beautifully the next time it needs cleaning and for easy maintenance. Add life to your carpet and upholstery by adding stain guard protection to your cleaning order.

Odour Removal

We can also remove odours managed by solutions – odours originating from sweat, mould, urine, smoke, trash and other decaying material can be extremely offensive and difficult to eliminate. By using the right chemical solutions for the cause, will ensure that these odours are broken down and eliminated, removing the odour from your premises.

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